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Arctic Cat 2000 XTE Snowmobiles for Sale

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Features 2000 2-Stroke Engine: The value-focused 565cc, 2-stroke, fan-cooled, carbureted engine is powerful, durable and efficient. Push-button engine reverse is a favorite in the utility segment. This engine is revered around the world for its simplicity and dependability. ACT Diamond Direct Drive with Arctic Cat Clutches: The ride-proven ACT Diamond Direct Drive planetary gearcase produces efficient transfer of power from engine to track, delivering a smooth ride. The Arctic Cat® clutch system engages at lower RPMs without sacrificing top speed. AWS VII Front Suspension: Arctic Cat's legendary AWS VII front suspension utilizes strong, durable A-arms, providing great handling and cornering. Arctic Cat® twin tube Shocks provide a smooth ride, mile after mile. Articulating Rear Suspension: The skid frame gives you the option to choose an articulating or straight-rail frame setup. Loosen the springs for full articulating motion. Or tighten the springs to create a straight-rail suspension. 20-in. Wide Track: For towing, touring, grooming or patrolling the ski slopes, the 20-in. wide track, with patented Quiet Track technology, gets the job done. The hardworking articulating rear suspension benefits from a long 154-in. track featuring 1.375-in. lugs and a 2.86-in. pitch. Underseat Storage: With your Bearcat®, you have plenty of space under the seat to store things you need for the ride, ice fishing expedition or workday. Pivot Tow Hitch: The tow ring configuration secures a hook to that loaded sled or fish house. Digital Analog Gauge: Choose between digital and analog speed, and tachometer readouts. There's also an odometer, two trip meters, engine hour meter, reverse indicator, optional altimeter and warning lights. Tunnel Rails: The tunnel rails on the Bearcat® allow you to remove the passenger seat or add a third seat with ease in a matter of seconds. Push-Button Engine Reverse: The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. This feature reverses the direction of the engine rotation. In addition to being smooth, it's also a weight-savings feature. Heavy-Duty Front and Rear Bumpers: Work hard, ride hard. Heavy-duty front and rear bumpers protect your sled and help you get the job done. Mountain Strap: Provides extra leverage when you need it most. Passenger Seat: Need more room for gear? The passenger seat removes easily with the flip of two levers. 16" High-Height Windshield: This mid-height windshield is a perfect mix of protection and comfort.


Off-Road Express Route 8
Erie, PA