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Yamaha VIPER X-TX LE Snowmobiles for Sale

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2014 Yamaha SRViper L-TX TURBO, NEW LEFTOVER SRViper LTX TURBO FROM YAMAHA FOR SALE. COMES WITH 6 MONTH IN HOUSE POWERTRAIN WARRANTY. ***THIS IS A NEW CLEARANCE SLED WE RECEIVED FROM YAMAHA. CLEARANCE SLEDS MAY NOT BE PERFECT, AND MAY HAVE SLIGHT COSMETIC IMPERFECTIONS. COLOR SCHEME AS PICTURED. PRICED TO MOVE*** SLED HAS: WRAP, WHITE SKIS, FRONT BUMPER, TALLER WINDSHIELD (SOME SCUFFING), MIRROR, GEMS FUEL CONTROLLER, TURBO KIT, KNEE PADS, UPGRADED SEAT, RACEWERX RUNNING BOARDS, RED SNOW FLAP, ICE SCRATCHES. 2014 Yamaha® SR Viper LTX The Streched Viper Lets You Cruise With Speed And Style Standard Features May Include: Performance High Performance Genesis 4-stroke engine The over-achieving Genesis® engine is the heart of our lightweight and aggressive SR Viper model family. It pulls consistently hard from takeoff to top end. Your thumb cracks a trio of 41mm throttle bodies that deliver strong performance from idle to wide open. Fuel injection The Genesis High Performance engine uses Yamaha’s advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers will enjoy the engine’s spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system. Engine braking reduction system The Genesis High Performance engine features the unique Engine Braking Reduction System. The system allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, giving riders a “coast” feeling. Handling Lightweight, rigid SRV chassis The SRV chassis combines a load-bearing triangulated structure with lightweight aluminum construction to create a neutrally balanced sled that's centered on the rider. The pyramidal upper frame creates chassis strength without excessive weight. SRV Front suspension The SRV front suspension geometry is aimed at managing spindle camber, resulting in minimized bumpsteer and maximized cornering bite and rider confidence in varying trail conditions. The a-arms are mounted at a 30-degree angle from the sled's centerline to efficiently dissipate impact force throughout the entire chassis. Likewise, the front shocks mount directly to the leading spar so that trail forces are routed to the strongest part of the chassis. Wide a-arm spacing minimizes flex and stress in the front suspension system, which means consistent and confident corner handling. Centralized mass design The SRV chassis layout was engineered with the goal of centralizing mass. Approximately 60 percent of the sled’s weight is tightly centered within the main triangulation. The result is a quick-handling sled that’s fun in a wide variety of conditions. Co


26 miles
Fuel Powersports
West Bend, WI
Stock Number: 6971