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Arctic Cat Snowmobiles for Sale in Vermont

Arctic Cat

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2019 Arctic Cat ZR 120, 2019 Arctic Cat® ZR 120 Features may include: 120 ENGINE This 123cc fan-cooled 4-stroke engine provides the power your little rider wants and the reliability you need to keep them riding. YOUTH FRONT SUSPENSION Just like mom and dad’s ZR, our little version includes a fully operational front (as well as rear) suspension system. YOUTH REAR SUSPENSION For optimized rider control, our youth machine includes a fully operational rear (as well as front) suspension system. HEATED HAND GRIPS Say goodbye to cold hands. Our hand warmers provide plenty of warmth for your little racer. TETHER SWITCH Safety first. If your little one ever gets separated from the machine while riding, the tether switch stops the machine. SAFETY FLAG A young rider’s little machine should be big on safety. With our 5' high safety flag, it’s easy to see where your little riders are at all times. 67-IN. COBRA TRACK WITH .75-IN. LUGS This 67-in. Cobra track with 0.75-in. lugs is everything your little rider needs to own the trails and conquer the drifts.


Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A06472
2016 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 LXR (137), 2016 Arctic Cat® ZR 6000 LXR (137) Features may include: 6000 2-TROKE ENGINE This 599cc 2-stroke Dual-Stage Injection (DSI) C-TEC2™ power mill kicks out 125-class horsepower and is the product of a world-class engine assembly plant ours. The electronic oil pump can accurately meter fuel/oil ratios not only by RPM, but also by altitude, dramatically reducing oil and fuel consumption. Whether you’re riding a ZR an M or a Crossover, the 6000 is one of the most satisfying engines ever to be cradled in the belly of a snowmobile. ARCTIC DRIVE SYSTEM WITH TEAM CLUTCHES New for 2016, the Arctic Drive System™ incorporates a large TEAM BOSS driven clutch and TEAM drive clutch. By eliminating belt skid, these clutches reduce temperature and transfer more power to the track. In addition to their incredible strength, these clutches are known for their easy and precise tuning. ARCTIC RACE FRONT SUSPENSION Arctic race front suspension geometry was developed through racing. Our uniquely wide A-arm spacing complements the chassis design, which allows us to maintain a tighter suspension. And the new FOX® QS3 shocks let you adjust your shocks to suit the riding conditions without removing your gloves. Set the clicker to 1 for a smooth, comfortable ride like the LXR. Click it up a notch to setting 2, and you’ll straighten out the corners like a Sno Pro®. Or click up to number 3 to go head to head with an RR. These shocks have a premium coil over design with forged aluminum reservoir. SLIDE-ACTION REAR SUSPENSION Rear Suspension brings race day technology to everyday riding. Our U-shaped slot fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the free-acting front arm follows the terrain, keeping your skis firmly planted over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration. DELUXE DIGITAL GAUGE Information, beautifully packaged. That’s the best way to describe this dual LCD gauge. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, optional clock, fuel level indicator, optional battery voltage, coolant temperature, reverse, optional altimeter and warning lights. PUSH-BUTTON ENGINE REVERSE The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. This feature reverses the direction of the engine rotation. In addition to being smooth, it's also a weight-savings feature. 12V OUTLET Plug in and power up. Charge our phone or other electronic device while you ride. ELECTRIC START The fun starts here. With a simple turn of the key, the reliable electric start will get your motor running. ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBAR WITH 5.5-IN. FIX


1,109 miles
Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A08633
2015 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 RR, 2015 Arctic Cat® ZR 6000 RR Why do Arctic riders RIDE MORE™? Some say riding lets us be heroes of our own adventures. From the moment we fire up our engines and take to the trails, we become the thrill-seekers we were born to be. With great power and great cornering ability comes great responsibility. You see, when we’re not hammering the throttle on the racetrack, we’re hammering it in the workshop. Figuring out ways to improve on 50 years of refinement - one breakthrough at a time. That’s how we move the speedometer forward. Always have. Features may include: Slide-Action Rear Suspension™ Slide-Action maintains a free-acting front arm while coupling under torque over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the front arm follows the bumps, keeping your skis firmly planted as your 129-in. track propels you down the trail. Arctic Race Front Suspension Tall, lightweight ski spindles and widely spaced A-arms provide great torsion rigidity and strength. Angling the shock load back toward the rider's mass, results in optimal caster/camber to improve comfort and cornering. FOX FLOAT® X EVOL shocks and a sway bar provide excellent control and handling. 6000 C-TEC2™ Engine This clean technology 2-stroke is powerful, durable and 10 pounds lighter than the old 600. The electronic oil pump accurately meters fuel/oil ratios by RPM and by altitude, dramatically improving oil and fuel consumption. Dual-stage injection provides a clean burn with low emissions. ProCross Chassis This chassis excels at bringing weight-saving technology to the performance-obsessed rider. The ProCross™ features a tapered two-piece tunnel design. Narrow at the top, wider at the bottom. A forged steering housing ties together many of the load-bearing chassis components. Deluxe Digital Gauge This dual LCD screen gauge has it all for the person who wants to know it all. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, low oil light, coolant overheat light, coolant temp, low fuel light and reverse indicator. Race-Inspired Graphics The amazing race-inspired graphics will intimidate all the other machines right out of the gate. Big, bad and full of Arctic Cat® attitude, these graphics will definitely separate you from the pack. Tether Switch The tether stop switch will stop your sled if you ever get separated from your machine while riding. Race-Height Windshield Sporty look and enough protection for the track. The low profile allows you to see everything as you lead the pack. 1.25-in. Ripsaw™ Track Features aggressive angled-lug profiles for outstanding forward and lateral traction on groomed trails


Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A13349
2009 Arctic Cat F6 EFI Sno Pro,


6,804 miles
Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A19985
2004 Arctic Cat Panther 570,


Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A06705
2003 Arctic Cat F-5,


6,930 miles
Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A71150
2002 Arctic Cat PANTERA 600,


735 miles
Central Vermont Motorcycles
Rutland, VT
Stock Number: A16656

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