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Problems with Parts and Accessories Dealers

Disputes - Out-of-Stock Orders - Unreceived Orders - Incorrect Orders - Bounced E-mails

Disputes wants every order to go as smoothly as possible, but in rare cases, disputes will occur. Since the sales agreement is between the buyer and the seller, cannot intervene in the event of a dispute. Buyers should contact their seller with questions about an order made through

There are two ways for you to find the dealer's e-mail address. The e-mail notification that is sent to you following a purchase includes this information.

If you ever have questions before making a purchase, just find the seller's contact information in your Shopping Cart.

Out-of-Stock Orders

Dealers work hard to ensure that stock is on hand for delivery, but now and then the availability of a listed item will change by the time an order is placed. If a dealer is unable to deliver, they should refund you promptly so that you can place a new order. Please know that occasionally items may be out of stock.

Unreceived Orders

If you paid for an order and the estimated delivery date passes, you have the right to be concerned. Dealers are responsible for communicating with you and for correcting any problems that might arise with lost shipments, damaged items, or other mishaps. If a dealer on fails to deliver, we want to know about it to help prevent such problems from occurring.

Incorrect Orders

Like unreceived orders, wrong orders should be brought to your dealer's attention. Contact your dealer for assistance. If a dealer on fails to deliver, we want to know about it to help prevent such problems from occurring.

Bounced E-mails

Dealers are required to have valid e-mail addresses; dealers who do not are violating our Participation Agreement and Terms of Service. If your e-mail to a seller bounces, please report this. You will not receive a reply to your report, but our Investigations team will follow up with the dealer.

If you cannot reach your dealer, please review the guidelines above for help in resolving your order concerns.

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