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What are the rules for placing a private party ad?

  1. No external links or web addresses in ad description
    • All information pertaining to your item should be listed in your personal ad description
    • You may not use your ad to promote your personal or business website, nor may you link to other sites.
  2. No business advertisements
    • Only private party sellers can advertise individual items.
    • An individual or business running more than 5 vehicles in a 12 month period will not be eligible for private party rates.
  3. No e-mail addresses in online ad descriptions
    • Potential buyers can contact the seller via e-mail by clicking on the "Contact Seller" button located on each ad. E-mail addresses are permitted in your magazine text.
  4. No "trading", "wanted", or "looking for" ads
    • Only ads listing something for sale will be placed on the website
  5. No pictures containing anything other than the item being sold
    • A photo must depict the actual item that is for sale.
    • "Stock" photos (such as those from other websites, brochures or professional photographers) are not permitted in private party advertisements due to copyright restrictions. Unauthorized use of stock photography may be a violation of copyright law.
    • Photos cannot be used to promote any outside web site or service.
    • Recognizable people are not allowed in photos
    • Photo collages are not allowed (taking multiple photos and pasting them together to look like one photo)
  6. Only one item and one price is allowed in each ad.
    • Selling of multiple items with individual prices is not allowed.
    • Sellers may place an ad with more than one item in it as long as it is stated in the ad description that the multiple items come as a "package deal" and the asking price posted is for all items being sold in the ad. If one item sells, a new ad must be placed.
  7. No recycling of ads
    • Once the item that was originally advertised has been sold sellers need to remove their ad from the website. The remaining time cannot be used to advertise a different item.
    • Sellers cannot change the year, make or model of an item after the ad has been active for 24 hours.
  8. All ads and accounts that are created must have ACCURATE information
    • All required fields must be completed
    • Do not enter initials in place of a full name
    • Use your accurate billing address
    • Private party ads cannot have the name of a company listed in the first and last name fields.

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