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ROTAX 600R E-TEC ENGINE: Following its big brother Rotax 850 E-TEC engine's lead with second generation E-TEC technology, the Rotax 600R E-TEC engine offers a 30% improvement in throttle response**, crisp acceleration and sets a 600cc class standard with 125 horsepower* while continuing to set the bar for reliability, and 2-stroke oil and fuel economy. *Observed HP metric based on internal dyno test in optimal conditions. **Based on internal engineering testing compared to 600H.O. E-TEC REV GEN4 PLATFORM: Key to the Summit’s agility is the extreme mass centralization of the 4th generation REV platform. The trademark pyramidal frame, die-cast aluminum front suspension module and heat exchanger design ensure it’s strong, yet lightweight. COOL AIR FLOW: Side panel venting improves airflow to drive components for cooler operations and optimal performance. PDRIVE CLUTCH: A major factor in the quickness of REV sleds is the pDrive clutch. Fast and friction-free dual rollers transfer torque in place of traditional sliding buttons on this 100% clutch. The oversize rollers with needle bearings, wide flyweights and shaft-on-shaft design emphasize smooth operation and long life. Ultra-responsive shifting, impressive RPM consistency and 2.8 lb./ 1.3 kg lighter than the TRA VII. TMOTION REAR SUSPENSION: The tMotion flexes laterally, reducing the effort to initiate a roll, due to a ball joint at the center hinge between the rear arm and drop link and split flat-tube front arms. Very progressive motion ratio makes the ride on trails even more comfortable. MOUNTAIN ERGONOMICS: We designed the Summit to enable you to do more with less effort. The narrow body, beveled tunnel, tank, seat and handlebar controls are extremely compact and narrow for more room to move. And your legs will appreciate the flatter foot position.


POWERSPORTS360 of Huron/J&J Sales Company
Huron, OH
With signature mountain technologies like REV-XM platform, tMotion rear suspension, and FlexEdge tracks, the Summit SP can carve lines you never thought possible. Feature Highlights RAS™ 2 Front suspension: A taller ski spindle, refined geometry and lighter components sharpen the sled’s already precise handling, especially in extreme conditions. tMotion™ rear suspension: A swiveling rear arm and split front arm allow the skid to flex laterally for more predictable carving. More rising-rate motion ratio adds capacity and comfort. Low-profile REV-XM™ seat: Extremely narrow in front and low profile for easily passing legs from side to side. 3.2 L (0.8 US gal) of storage in seat base. Steering and flat gauge: Minimalist design for no interference with the rider. Warmer switches on console. Rigid grab strap offers more leverage and confidence in tricky maneuvers. Multifunction gauge with LCD screen


Nelsons Speed Shop
Greenville, MI
DESIGNED TO RESPOND TO EVERY MOVEWith signature mountain technologies like REV-XM platform, tMotion rear suspension, and FlexEdge tracks, the Summit SP can carve lines you never thought possible.


Toronto, SD
Stock Number: SKI000015CXJD
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