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Comfort REAR SUSPENSION RAILS: The new lightweight rear suspension rails include an additional set of front idler wheels. The idlers are now mounted outboard creating additional clearance for premium, adjustable suspension shocks. A solid axle adds strength for the newly designed rear track wheels. DUAL SHOCK SR 141 SUSPENSION: The unique Dual Shock SR 141 rear suspension eliminates the bulky torsion springs, incorporating a full complement of FOX Zero QS3 adjustable, coil-over shock absorbers. The open and clean look of the suspension allows snow to evacuate quickly and easily, eliminating build-up and unwanted weight. In addition, the uncoupled design delivers excellent flotation and conforms to terrain in order to deliver optimum traction while maintaining a playful ride character. A new solid rear axle equipped with newly designed rear wheels and forward, outboard mounted idlers ensure greater durability for the long haul. STEALTH CONTROL SYSTEM: The handle bar controls feature a left hand switch cluster which allows for "on the fly" access to the iQS electronic suspension adjustments along with new multi-step hand and thumb warmer adjusters. Information available on the multi-function gauge can be easily selected with a toggle switch and the push button reverse gear switch is also located in the left hand cluster. The right side of the bar is clean with a new ergonomically shaped throttle lever and simple, stand-alone emergency stop switch. A new Hayes brake cylinder equipped with a composite "shortie" brake lever provides greater modulation for better feel and powerful stopping performance. SEMI RIGID SEAT BAG: Additional storage is provided by a convenient new underseat bag. Its semi-rigid design makes it easy to access and is water resistant to keep your gear safe and dry.


Bemidji Sports Centre
Bemidji, MN
COMBINING BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.When ample snow is combined with an expansive trail network, you require a snowmobile capable of doing it all without compromise. Spring Power Surge Exclusive!Features may include: Performance High Tech, Liquid Cooled TurboThe nickel alloy turbine body is extremely strong and precise, able to withstand highly elevated temperatures. Engine coolant is circulated through the turbocharger to control both underhood temperature and help cool the intake charge. Upon engine shut down, the convection energy produced by super-heated coolant at the turbo head keeps it circulating without the coolant pump in operation. This eliminates the need for an engine cool down cycle while maintaining high durability in the turbo component.Mitsubishi Electronic Control UnitThe Yamaha-developed Mitsubishi ECU uses a series of 9 sensors to gather running condition data which it computes using a predetermined memory "map". It then adjusts ignition timing, fuel delivery, manifold air-pressure and turbo boost pressure to produce maximum performance under any condition - reliably.Triple Throttle Body InductionYamaha wanted an engine that's exceptionally quick to respond with little or no "lag" as found in a conventional turbo. One of the ways they achieved their goal was to develop an intake system using three separate throttle bodies positioned very close to the intake valves, instead of just one feeding long intake tubes — something that is not seen in any other production turbo on the planet. And another first for Yamaha with the Genesis turbo.


New England Cycle Center
Hartford, CT
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